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Be Accepting of Yourself while Striving for Greatness

Each and every one of you has your own unique style and mannerisms that are yours and yours alone.  There is no one like you and be proud of that. 

There is absolutely no way for you to be successful and reach your goals until you accept who you are. You have to like yourself and what you do before anyone else will. The world detects how you feel about yourself and often simply shares the opinion you have about who you are. Be yourself and free yourself in the process. You are an individual who is unique. Your talents and abilities, your intelligence and interests, your opinions and tastes, make you who you are. There is no need to hide a part of yourself or alter a part of yourself for the sake of conformity. True success is about freedom and all truly successful people are individualists who have, more or less, accepted and glorified who they are. You should do the same.  I can admit to always thinking less of myself and although I somewhat throw that back to how I was raised and as a senior, it is rather silly of me to blame my childhood anymore.  I have had more than enough time to value my worth and value it I will.

At the same time, being yourself does not mean glorying in mediocrity. You need to be the very best version of yourself possible. This means that you have to work at being you. You have to put the time into self-improvement. Acceptance is not an excuse for laziness, cowardice or fear. Life is a privilege. It is a gift. The gift and the privilege of life is that you get to be yourself, the best self you can possibly be. Use the gift, take advantage of the privilege that you have been given. Don’t squander the chance. Let your own unique light shine forth. This is the light that will illuminate the path to real success in life. It will also be the light that attracts other people to you. 


Do not wait until you are a senior to VALUE yourself like I did.  You are the best version of yourself already so celebrate that and ask yourself what little tweaks do I want to add to my persona?  When you do, share and be proud.

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5 thoughts on “Be Accepting of Yourself while Striving for Greatness

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      As a child, I did not value my self worth as I was teased in school because I was a redhead and had freckles. I was called names and was hit by kids. I hated going to school because I had friends but were they really friends some were not all of them though because they would make fun of me behind my back. As an adult, I don’t care what people think of me. I have had to work at this and it is still hard. My mom said that if they tease you it is because they like you. Well everyone must have just loved me…lol! I do value myself a lot more than I did as a child growing up. Although, I have to admit there are times I second guess myself. I just have to trust and believe in me because no one else is going too! I do love myself and I do think I am worthy, although this is an ongoing work in progress. Great article and it makes you think of where you once were and where and how far you have come! Thank you

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      Great article Sherry and Janet!

      This is an area I’ve struggled with over many years. Struggling or resisting aspects of my persona only dug them in deeper, creating more suffering. Practicing allowance began unwinding these rejected aspects and processing suppressed emotions.
      It is definitely a process, one unfolding every moment. I personally utilize homeopathics and energy transformation to help release the resistance e patterns so I can choose now to allow.

      Thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you very much for this article. It really makes me go back in time and remember how and what I was like as a kid and teenager. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my self. I always struggled in school learning and was so shy that I never really raised my hand to anwser questions unless I was really sure of the answer. In some ways I still am like this as an adult but I have grown a lot since too. I do accept myself and I do value myself and all that I have learned and accomplished in my life. as of late i have been building my confidence telling myself that i am confident, i am successful, I am valuable and I am worthy and things like that. I do and am learning to believe in myself, cause if I don’t I won’t get anywhere in this world or with my carrear. and I believe I have gone places with my carrear, as I have grown and learned and tried many different things and as i said have accomplished lots so far in my life and I am going to celebrate that and me and know that I am a work in progress.
      I really feel that being a part of wib has helped me in more ways than i ever thought possible, It has brought me out of my shell and moved me forward, and I thank everyone who made me feel important and worthy, who found value in what I do to help others. Especially Sherry for introducing me to network marketing and convenienced me to give it a try and said that I would like it-and of course she was right-Thanks a million Sherry for all you do then and now and for who you are.

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      I’ve ‘gone over myself’ many times. Reflecting on what I like and dont like about myself…and each time I focus on what I like and put attention on that
      I find doing this regularly keeps me in check on making sure I am the best me I want to be.

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      Oh boy, this one is a goodie too! I am guilty as charged. It amazes me how many people struggle with this, and yet not. I have come along way to get over how I was treated in my early years for being who I was and how I looked/dressed. It has taken many years to become accepting of myself but I am almost there. Every day better than the one before and that is ok.

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