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Cultivate Your Creative Muscles

Creativity can be elusive. It’s not something that you can summon at will. When it happens, it strikes like lightening. Yet, like lightening, it can be maddeningly unpredictable. However, because creativity is an essential element of a successful business mindset, it is necessary to understand the creative process and how you, the business owner, can cultivate your own creative juices.

The creative process is largely internal and unconscious. No one ever wakes up and says “Hey! Today I’m going to be creative.” Creativity is all about taking in a lot of influences and letting those influences combine, ferment and morph in your subconscious. Together, they form a sort of mental potting soil where new and different ideas have a chance to germinate and grow. The more things you learn, read, see and hear the more creative soil you are able to produce.

Every woman in business cultivates creativity in a different way! For some creativity will flow, for others it takes work to be creative!

I am creative by nature and genetics. My father was a graphic designer, in fact, in his time he was one of the best in London back in the days when things were done by hand and one had to be creative to even think of getting a job in the field. When I was little, I would jump at the chance to go to work with my dad and help find clip art in the huge books that were almost bigger than me and go down into the darkroom when he developed film.

As a business owner who wants to be creative, the best thing you can do is get out there and in the world and open yourself up to new experiences. Of course, right now we are isolated but there is a big world of learning online you can dig into!

Be curious about many different things. Develop hobbies. Challenge yourself. Do the unexpected. The more you push your own personal envelope the more you are charging your own creative batteries. When those batteries are charged, it is much more likely that inspiration will strike. Who knows where that new idea will take you?


Start something new this week that will charge your creative batterie. A new hobby, a new book you have been wanting to read, or learn about a new marketing method you have been wanting to try.

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10 thoughts on “Cultivate Your Creative Muscles

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      Again a very good article, helpful too. I have been struggling since last night as I lost an income but much more than that
      I lost a furry friend that I walked faithfully for years, she left this world yesterday. I love her very much as did her family, they had to make the very painful decision to let her go. It was sudden and unexpected. I have been sad and emotional and depressed and having a hard time today.
      This article and especially the action to do is going to help me to feel better and do things i don’t normally do like crafts or read just to read. It might actually help me in a lot of ways, as the article says, time will tell. So my action to do is read a new marketing book that i ordered and have not touched yet, Its called Magnetic Marketing. Also i am going to try my hand at Embroidery, I have it along with other crafty projects that have been laying wait for many years. I will let you know how it is going as i proceed with it. Thanks for this Sherry and the article

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      I’ve been knitting so many new patterns. Putting two yarns together. Changing up patterns, and combining the techniques. So very grateful for my knitting.

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      During the pandemic, I am unable to meet with clients face to face to show them all the shiny things that they didn’t know they wanted. So, I started to get creative, and have been pursuing options of reaching out to other direct sales marketers to see if they might be interested in buying thank you gifts for their team members or customers.
      We shall see if this works to keep sales going during the pandemic.

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      i do a lot to be creative in my personal life already, crafts, painting, art journaling etc. I do need to find more creativity in my marketing though. always a work in progress!

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      This isolation has boosted my creativity with so much time to devote to it. I have a few creative ideas for new hobbies

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      I started planting seeds in egg cartons in the house and then will transplant in a bigger container, then in May will plant in our new garden. This is our new hobby and we just started to take care of the old apple trees we have and prune them back. I also made cookie recipes for our grandchildren put it in a mason jar so they have all the dry ingredients and the parents have the wet ingredients. This way they have something fun to do together. Yes I wrote up the recipe on a card and taped it to the jar with a ribbon.

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      I will find a book (or access online information) on creating content online and will seek my new skill and how to overcome this boundary of mine 🙂

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