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Focus and Endurance for your Career

Is it fortitude, strength or stamina…. Building endurance is an important element to any activity or endeavour you do.  Endurance can be defined as the ability to focus on the task at hand and bring it successfully to conclusion.  No matter what you call it though, endurance is the ability to persevere and get the job done, no matter what.

Usually, when we speak of endurance, we’re referring to physical activity. Yet, endurance is as important in the business world as it is anywhere else. In business circles, endurance usually takes the form of focus. Instead of physical prowess, it becomes the ability to concentrate successfully on a given task. Focus is a critical skill set for any business owner, especially in today’s fast-paced world where success often means keeping several equally important balls in the air at one time which is a skill even for a professional juggler. 

So, how do you focus on multitasking, a situation where, by its very definition, several things are happening at once? Well, the key to successful focus is attention. Multitasking can be difficult in even the best of circumstances because when several things are happening simultaneously, you need to concentrate on only one thing at a time. This doesn’t mean that you bring one task to full completion before you start on another. Rather, you spend just enough time on a given task to take it to the next stage of development and then you turn your attention to another task. Look at this analogy,  it’s a little like being a mother duck with ducklings. You give your attention to the duckling that is farthest out of line, nudging it forward to where it should be, before you turn your attention to the next little duck. Each duckling gets a measure of your focus, but none gets your full attention all the time. In this way, each task gets moved along in turn, and all are successfully completed in time. 

Most business owners think they multitask and I consider myself one of those people because I always have multiple things on the go.  In the beginning we are just trying to learn things and grow and lots of things are coming at us from all different directions. It could be customer service, it could be systems that they need to address. It could be just all the ins and outs as a business, the technical to the human resources side. And they’re just trying to put fires out so that they can stay on top  and make money to stay in business.  Watch out for burn out!  As I said earlier, sometimes you have to multitask when you’re just starting because you do not have a team built up and unable to do right away.  That is one area to put into place as the time and situation arises.  I can admit that I was not quick to let others in and build a team, and as I can now reflect on that can see why I was often burnt out!  Don’t be me!


Have you ever made a list of everything you do in your business?  I do mean everything.  Make that list and then check off the things that only you can do, or what you feel you can do at this time.  This is definitely a list to be revisited as your business grows.   I know you think you can do everything, but what if you could alleviate your tasks even by an hour a week?  What if you could hire someone to take that hour to do tasks that need doing, but its OK that you do not physically do them?  What would you do with that hour?  Imagine the possibilities.  As your business grows, increase that hour to 2 hours, then 3 hours and so on.  Not too hard on the  cash flow, but enormous to your health and well being.  Love to know what you would do with that extra hour.

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6 thoughts on “Focus and Endurance for your Career

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      Making a list of everything I do in my business? How long would that take? Just thinking about it is giving me anxiety. There probably things that I could outsource, and there are some that I already have taken off my list. I think the key to this is figuring out how your time is spent most wisely and productively as a business owner. If something you do isn’t imperative to directly earning money, we should find other means to still get that done.

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      i do everything for my business, from cleaning to bookkeeping, sales, customer service etc. However, my daughter helps out a lot. She is terrific at customer service and sales. She also helps with receiving inventory, and social media. There are days i don’t know what i’d do without her!!

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      Well, we did do this in our Kennel business as we had hired a Business Coach. It was good for both my husband and me to see what things I am good at and what he is good at and I am not. This ended a lot of fighting and arguing over who does what. We used this in our policies for our staff so they knew who to go to if they needed help for anything. This way they were not wasting their time going to the wrong person for answers. This also helps in Tim and I doing what jobs we felt we were better at .example Tim is not good on the computer -slow as molasses. Me on the other hand, I am good on the computer to a point. He has his skills and I have mine. It was good to discuss it too. It has helped us free up time and get other important things done. Great article!

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      Transitioning between tasks is difficult, but something I’ve been working on. I’ve always been a big fan of lists, and lists of lists, and most especially of checking in on the list constantly so no balls get dropped. I have a wonderful group that help me in my business, but not regular. Regular would be good. R&d would be what I’d do with the extra time ( more than I already do)

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      This article was actually very helpful to me. It helped me to see that I don’t need to feel overwhelmed by all that I need to do but to do enough of one thing and then move on to another task. My issue is I am not organized and there are other things that don’t get done that I would love to do that has nothing to do with business. That being said part of time will be spent organizing myself so that I can do some of everything busniess and others
      Thanks so much for the article Sherry

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      Being in these times, I find it most challenging these days to multitask with little ones running around and noise in the house. As much as I can section myself off to my room, and my husband helps keep them occupied the kids always seem to notice that I’m not in the room. I am a multi-tasker by nature, as I thrive on having a lot to do, this is what motivates me. Outsourcing some of the items on my to-do list at this time would need to be pro-bono and I find the most things I struggle with is the social media content, which I find the most costly to outsource. So, I am not quite sure what else I could outsource as this is primarily what takes up alot of my time. Although I have a month to month SM plan, I didn’t forsee the struggles we are facing and how some of what I had planned to post is not appropriate in these times of change. So, I am back to doing it myself, and taking the time I can find in my day to do the posts and once things start to pick up again, outsource it and replace that time with learning more about the business I am in.

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