Meet the Coaches

Sherry Simoes, Your Rockin Marketing Coach

Sherry has over 26 years in the design, publishing and website world and works with entrepreneurs to build a successful business through finding and implementing the right marketing methods. Sherry can support to bring your ideas to life with proper marketing systems. processes and the right words that will attract all the clients you desire!

Janet Benedict, Your Rockin Sales Coach

With 22 years of experience offering training and motivation to create success for thousands of direct sellers in corporate Canada, Janet is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to overcome the struggles they face in promoting their direct sales businesses. She believes that everyone has the power to succeed and offers mentoring and the Get Clients Now TM! Program for small businesses and direct sales entrepreneurs.

Jacques Berge, Your Rockin Success Coach

Jacques is a Motivational Speaker, Self Expression & Leadership Coach who is trained to see people Greater than they see themselves. He provides the Environment & Structure for those that wish to fulfill on all they want, need & desire by using his many years of expansive training, resources and tools! Jacques also leads a sweet 90 Day Think BIG Master Mind Team.

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