Reflect, Re-Focus and Rock Your Business!

Welcome to a month-long journey called “Reflecting, Focusing and Improving You and Your Business!” brought to you by Sherry Simoes and Janet Benedict, two coaches who have been mentoring entrepreneurs for over 50 years combined! Join the journey by requesting access to our Private Facebook Group.

All the articles and resources will be posted on this page so bookmark it to be sure you can find it easily!

Although it starts April 1 here is a sneak peek at the first article:

DAY 1 – Having a Vision for Your Professional Success

DAY 2 – Cultivating Your Creative Muscles

DAY 3 – Professional Success Requires Persistence

DAY 4 – Motivational Colouring Pages

DAY 5 – Staying Positive Through Tough Times Workbook

DAY 6 – Success In Business Requires Flexibility

DAY 7 – Use Competition to Your Advantage

DAY 8 – Taking Responsibility for Both the Good and Bad

DAY 9 – Be Grateful for Success

DAY 10 – Focus and Endurance for your Career

DAY 11 – 2 More Motivational Colouring Pages

DAY 12 – 12 Ways to Improve Your Mood in Less than a Minute with a FREE Printable

DAY 13 – Your Professional Success Requires Personal Confidence

DAY 14 – Do You Have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset?

DAY 15 – Being Mindful of your Professional Worth

DAY 16 – The Power of Repetition

DAY 17 – The Risk-Taker Wins in the End

DAY 18 – 2 More Motivational Colouring Pages

DAY 19 – 10 Simple Tips To Promote Clear Thinking

DAY 20 – Is Staying In Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

DAY 21 – Developing Social Intelligence

DAY 22 – Be Accepting of Yourself while Striving for Greatness

DAY 23 – Power Up Your Focus Muscles

DAY 24 – Struggling to achieve your goals? Maybe your comfort zone is the reason.

DAY 25 – 2 More Motivational Colouring Pages

DAY 26 – Getting Your Inspiration Back and Rockin It Workbook

DAY 27 – What’s Wrong With Staying In Your Comfort Zone?

DAY 28 – How Action Inspires Motivation

DAY 29 – Fear: The #1 Thing Standing In Your Way Of True Happiness

DAY 30 – The Power of Women

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