Rockin’ Your Customer Profiling

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Your Customer Profiling

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      This is excellent training. I just did not know it was called Customer profiling. Tim and I run a dog kennel we have been asking our customers from day one – How did you hear about us? What do you like about our facility? What don’t you like? What would you like to see more of at the ranch? etc. Most of our customers have been referred by word of mouth. We feel this is the best way and then post a review on our site or Facebook page. We will complete the Ideal Client form and always can improve in other ways. We are looking forward to seeing what comes out.

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      Customers vary in how they appreciate doing business and what interests & intrigues them. Profiling helps classify and organize (Notarize) what they like and dislike, helping us keep track of what might be of interest to them. This helps a ton!

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