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Business has changed drastically over the last couple of months and in my opinion, it is not going back to the way it was for quite a while. We need to be smart and makeover all aspects of our businesses so we can survive and be ready to thrive when the madness is over.

It is more than apparent that we have to work differently, offer things differently and deliver our message differently. If you are not savvy online then you will be a step behind those who are.

Although this training has been designed to support you during this time where we are faced with lockdown and social distancing and are not able to work as we normally do, or for some of us, not at all, these are all things that are going to help you succeed regardless of the situation.

In this training we are going to work on both your online persona and some strategy to Rock Your Marketing!

The things we are covering are:

  • Enhance Your Online Presence
  • Audit Your Products and Services
  • Position Yourself as a Leader
  • Get People Talking!
  • Partner Up!

Each Day a link will be posted here for the days work with your action steps. To make the most of it visit each morning and download your training!

So let’s get started!
Sherry, Your Rockin Marketing Mentor

Day 1 – Enhance Your Online Presence

Day 2 – Audit Your Products & Services

Day 3 – Position Yourself as a Leader

Day 4 – Get People Talking

Day 5 – Partner Up

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      Thank you for all these very informative articles and, lessons/training. So much information, suggestions and ideas to go on and incorporate into our businesses. Thank you always for your expertise, guidance and assistance with all this most valuable training!

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