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Success In Business Requires Flexibility

In today’s world we all need to be more adaptable to change.  As trends and needs change, so should our responses to them.  People who are rigid in their thinking and behaviours block their path to success.

While there is a certain amount of comfort to routine, too much routine can choke off all chances that you will be able to successfully reach your business goals. Why? The answer is simple. The world, including the business world, is constantly changing. Rigid thinking and rigid behavior, by definition, are resistant to change. Therefore, rigidity, in thought and action, spells obsolescence in the business world. Everyone else moves forward while you are left behind in the dust. So, what is the answer to this problem? In a word, flexibility.  Flexibility is something I have been practicing myself lately talking to family in different time zones around the world.  One of my sisters in Australia is 15 hours ahead of here and I find myself more mindful as we are keeping in touch even more now with the ‘new reality’ during these difficult times. 

Today we have access to so much information.  Information is power, money and control all rolled into one. The fast and free flow of information is what makes this possible. Everything changes quickly and what is a successful formula or a popular product in one cycle can be, and usually is, old news in the next. The only way to successfully stay on top of this is to use it to your advantage, to be flexible enough to roll with the changes.

Flexibility is easy to achieve as long as you are not too tied down to any single idea, product, service or manner of delivery. If you keep up with changing market conditions through judicious use of the flow of information, you can easily spot new trends and adopt them successfully, usually before your competitors have had time to act. The only trick is to not fear change and, instead, embrace it. If change is the only reality in the business world then, to be successful in that world, change should be your reality as well.

Since you have now thought of a few things that might need to be changed up, make a task list of what and timeline for doing them.  Track the results so you can truly assess your progress through change and celebrate how adaptable you can be.

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8 thoughts on “Success In Business Requires Flexibility

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      Very Informative, makes sense probably one of the reasons that some people like myself still struggle as we are unsure of how to roll with the changes and to be flexible
      thanks for the task list idea, I will do what i can to make it and follow it
      thanks for the article and the ideas, Janet

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      Adapting quickly in these trying days has worked well for some. Others, not so much. But it is interesting to see what types of businesses have been able to embrace change and adapt quickly. Those are the leads we need to follow, as well as our hearts.

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      I like this action step, it’s going to take some thought.
      When owning a business, things are always evolving and changing. Without that things get stagnant and customers get bored.

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      Constant change is how the business is. Good read, every true. Tracking is definitely the best way to keep on top of constant changes in the business.

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      The current word seems to be pivot. Being able to pivot and be flexible will help in your ability to change things up for the better.

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      Flexibility and change are what is going on right now for all of us. Tim and I so use to being busy with the dogs that sometimes we do not have time for ourselves or projects that have been left behind or put off. We have not left the property for a while and are looking forward to doing so on Thursday – no dogs woohoo. We are so caught up in getting projects done as we are flexible in taking some daycares to help people out with their dog who is zooming around the house. We decided to offer to anyone that could not pay to come to our Kennel Sundays. They have to send us an email and they can book one hour to walk our property for free. If they want to donate to shelter dogs they can. This past Sunday was a success and we will continue to do this until this Covid 19 goes away.
      Tim and I made our list a while ago and it is nice to feel some sort of accomplishment in getting things done while we can. Thank you great article.

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      Thanks for this!! One thing I haven’t been doing is tracking my progress with all of this change happening. This is important, not only to look ahead as to what is to be done, and keep ourselves accountable, but also to celebrate the big successes and the millions of little ones that took to get there! It will also be interesting to see what I start doing that is new and track the results I am seeing.

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