What is Alignable and Why You Should Use It

Alignable provides a way for small business owners to network with each other across a city or the country. It is used connect people in the small business community by building relationships and also allows you to promote your local business so you can increase your visibility in your community, across your province and even nationwide.

What Can You Do On Alignable?

Share About the Products and Services You Offer

Post new products, services, events or specials regularly to keep the local businesses in your community up to date with all of your latest offerings.

Connect with Businesses in Your Area

With Alignable you can easily interact with local small businesses in your area. With the connectivity the platform provides, you can grow your business together with your connections and engage with each other through Q&A and messaging.

Give and Get Referrals

Connecting with local owners in your area also includes giving and getting referrals which is a big part of the social network. It builds relationships to increase your customer base and help other businesses grow.

Share and Receive Advice

You can contribute as an expert to business owner discussions in your industry as well as seek advice from your connections to help you with a problem. With tens of thousands of communities, you can find solutions to your problems from actual business owners and learning from others is key.

Chat Easily with Other Small Business Owners

Alignable has simplified the communication channel so business owners can chat easily. You can create chat groups to network with like-minded business owners and industry segments to learn more from each other too!

If you are not using Alignable jump on in with two feet. In my opinion it is a fresh way to connect and communicate with fellow business owners and build your network! Be sure to connect with the Rockin My Business Coaches!

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